What is Different About a Birth At Gentle Landing Birth Center?

 The midwives at GLBC know that the birth of your baby will be a transformational time in your and your family’s life. Every scent, sound and touch will be a treasured memory…forever. As such, your birthing time should be safe, respected, personal to you and in partnership with your known and trusted providers. Midwifery care has been shown to be the optimal choice for CARE in 85% of healthy, full-term pregnancies. Midwives are trained to help birthing people have low-intervention pregnancies, labors and births. In the event a transfer of care is necessary, the Midwives at GLBC will assure you have the extra care you need afterward to process and integrate an unexpected birth experience. After birth, we see you for up to five postpartum visits in the six weeks after birth. We then invite you back for our Fourth Trimester Group and ongoing for your Well-Womanb CARE! Come join the Gentle Landing Birth Center village of families!

Will My Insurance Cover My Services at Gentle Landing Birth Center?
GLBC accepts most insurances! If you have a health share plank it will very often cover your care. You can also use your FSA or HAS. Outside services such as labs and ultrasounds will be billed directly to your insurance. Remember, like a hospital0based practice, your out-of-pocket costs for your care at GLBC are dependent on your individual insurance plan, co-insurances, deductibeles, co-pays and plan year change dates. Feel free to give us a call if you want to discuss your insurance further!

Can I Transfer My Care To The Birth enter If I Began Care With Another Provider?

Yes! Transfers are possible anytime up to 35 weeks! We can assist you to make an easy transition. Just call to make an appointment with us and we will do a risk assessment to be sure it is safe for you to have your baby here by obtaining and reviewing a copy of your medical records from your previous provider.

How Do I Know I’m a Good Candidate For A Birth Center Birth?
When you call, we et you up with a complimentary tour and meeting with one of the midwives to ensure that this would be a good option for you and your baby.

What About Care For My Baby?

At the birth, we perform a complete newborn exam and assessment of your baby prior to your leaving for home. This includes us weighing and measuring your baby, monitoring their vital signs and offering Vitamin IK and erythromycin eye ointment. We will also do your baby’s footprint memento! We then come to your home around 24 hours postpartum to perform the Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening, Hearing Screen and Metabolic Screen, evaluate feeding, weight, jaundice and answer all your questions! You will then come back to the Birth Center around day three and seven to be sure feeding is going well, monitor for jaundice and weight gain and that your baby is transitioning well. We will then encourage you to make a first appointment with the baby’s care provider for ongoing care.

Can I Have A Water Birth?
We welcome this! Many of our clients use water for labor and birth. We have private showers and deep soaking tubs in each of the birth rooms. Water can help ease the sensations of labor, helping you relax and move freely during labor. As long as all things remain safe, giving birth in the tub is definitely an option at Gentle Landing Birth Center.

Where Do I Get My Labs And Ultrasounds?
At Gentle Landing Birth Center we draw all your labs onsite during your visits and send them out from here. You then will have access to the results through your online portal. We also can do your dating ultrasound (up to 12 weeks) and limited third trimester ultrasounds if needed. You will be referred to a local hospital for your anatomy scan and any detailed ultrasounds you may need.

Will I Need To See An OB During My Care?
At Gentle Landing Birth Center, we provide all your prenatal care as long as you and your baby remain healthy and lo risk. In the event something presents outside our scope of practice, you will be referred to an OBGYN for evaluation and a care plan specific to your situation will be made, with thehope that you may be able to return to us once the situation is managed.

Will I Need A Doula?
We love Doulas and recommend getting a doula for emotional support during labor (especially for first time birthers). They are also so helpful in the event you need to transfer to the hospital. In our experience, a Doula is an amazing investment in your emotional support. And we believe there I no such thing as too much support!

Can You Help With Breastfeeding?
The answer is YES! We include breastfeeding discussions/preparation in our prenatal care and supply you with educational materials. Additionally we have an Internationa Board-Certified Lactation Consultant who works out of our clinic. We recommend everyone makes an appointment with Kim prenatally so that should the need arise, you will have an established relationship with her after birth.

What Happens If There Is A Problem During Birth?

The midwives at Gentle Landing Birth Center are highly skilled and trained to detect and manage many complications for both you and your baby during the birth and postpartum time. We are prepared with the medications and equipment to keep you and your baby safe. Additionally, we have transport protocols in place with our local EMS and DHMC so that when more help is needed, we all know how to get you what you need in a timely way.