Gentle Landing Midwifery Birth Center is based on the need that we all want to be seen and cared for as a whole person and that our health exists within the context of our entire life history. Gentle Landing Midwifery holds this wholeness as essential to uncompromising health care. We are deeply committed to caring for you from this position.

Katherine, Certified Professional Midwife LMVT, NHCM

Katherine Bramhall is a certified professional midwife, licensed in Vermont and New Hampshire. She is a graduate of a nationally accredited midwifery school and has practices home birth midwifery in Vermont and New Hampshire since 2008. She blends her philosophy of kindness and acceptance wit her depth of knowledge and life experience to provide gentle, peaceful and safe at home birth midwifery care.

Katherine blends over 30 years of birth experience in a wide variety of settings and situations, a compassionate heart, deep listening and a scientific mind to offer comprehensive, creative, and individualized care to each family she is blessed to work with. She is fierce advocate for informed choice, committed partnerships in care and evidence-based midwifery.

Meghan, Certified Nurse Midwife, MSN, APRN

Meghan has several years of experiences blended from both in hospital and out of hospital experiences. She graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati in 2010. She worked the first 4 years in a low risk hospital doing full scope midwifery, then moved into a combination of management and working in a high risk center. She opened her private practice in 2018 and partnered as an owner and builder of Gentle Landing Birthing Center in 2019. She offers full scope midwifery services at Gentle Landing spanning from puberty through menopause.