Birth is a loving, exciting, RAW, REAL and sometimes challenging transition in life.

It requires a surrender, an openness, a heart-felt realness that knowledge alone WILL interfere with.

This day is a different take on the traditional Childbirth classes. It emphasizes LOVE, ritual and hope and blends it with the stages and physiology of labor and birth, staying connected as a couple, support (who to have at the birth, who not to invite), and planning for postpartum. 

And more...

This is a day to fall in love with your partner (again), with Very Special Emphasis on partner preparation, acknowledging their vulnerability in this process and working to empower them and their emotional/spiritual role in this process. learn comfort measures for birth, confront fears in a safe environment, have a LOT of fun surrounded by other couples on their journey.

transformation through childbirth


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 Price: $185 / Time: 9:30-3:00  

Upcoming 2024 one-day childbirth prep Class dates:

Saturday March 23. May 4, June 8, July 13, September 7, November 2

 To register for a class, please call 603-448-6940 or

  • Please come early enough to be settled in and ready to start at 09:30 am promptly.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and please bring something to eat for lunch and things to snack on. There will be an ample amount of coffee and tea and water available. 
  • The class is $185 due by the day of the class, payable by check or cash. 

The anticipation, newness and preparation for pregnancy, labor and birth are so all-consuming that often we forget that there is a FOURTH trimester.

Postpartum! And that our new baby is someone we have to learn about and relate to. It SOUNDS easy~

Then there is the complexity of feeding our baby...AND ourselves! All while managing our changing body, mood and relationships.

Gentle Landing Midwifery is now offering a 2-hour class for parents and caregivers on building your family in the immediate postpartum and newborn time. Discussion on preparing yourself, your pets, your family, friends and relationship for the changes to come. Also, we will get practical in teaching about the newborn care basics: diapering, caring for the umbilical cord, safe-sleep options, soothing your baby, bathing baby, signs that your baby may be unwell. and so much more.

The time will be personalized to participant questions and concerns.
You do not have to be a client at Gentle Landing to sign up and participate!

postpartum and newborn class $75


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"I had read all "the books". Listened to the chime of advice from well-meaning women. Why didn't I feel "ready"? I realized after taking Katherine's class that I had been neglecting the spiritual side of the birth experience. Katherine provided the space to approach this major life change with the tender care and spiritual sensitivity it deserves. Her advice to give birth from my heart--rather than my head--re-framed my expectations of what a birth could look like. I left my time in this class feeling more connected to my partner, confident in my ability, and comforted to know I could love my birth."

- Jana, Mother of Samuel

"In an environment that is uplifted, relaxed, and intimate, Katherine guided us through an exploration of the birthing process. For someone completely new to this experience, her precision, humor, and balance between irreverent rawness and sacred grace were tremendously valuable, both to my personal experience as well as to how I could support and be present for my wife.
Katherine utilized basic anatomy instruction and blended this with her vast treasure trove of firsthand accounts to create an atmosphere that was informative, stress-free, and inspiring. As a member of an international tribe of warrior-midwives, her knowledge, gentle and loving touch transported me to a place where I actually believed it was possible I could be a birth-partner." 

- Pablo, Father of Amaia


What Makes This Childbirth Education Class Special?

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